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Rhipsalidopsis FIRE®

Also known as Easter cactus.

A Rhipsalidopsis FIRE® in a red pot A Rhipsalidopsis FIRE® in a red pot [view in full size]
Genus: Rhipsalidopsis
Hybrid: FIRE®
Max. height: ?
Light: full sun, partial shade, full shade
Water: ?
Ideal temperature range: 10-20°c
Growing season: ?
Flowering season: spring
Life cycle: evergreen
Lifespan: ?
Leaf colours: green
Flower colours: yellow, orange, red, pink, purple
Hardiness zone:
Conservation status:
Propagates via: ?
Certifications: ?

A hybrid of unclear origin, Rhipsalidopsis FIRE® is produced by PKM, a company based in Denmark. It flowers in spring, producing vibrant, star-shaped flowers at the ends of the leaves.

In order to get it to flower, it is best to give your plant a strong and consistent day/night cycle, allowing it bright sun during the day and a reasonable period of darkness during the night. Putting it under a grow light in an otherwise dark room is a good way of achieving this, but placing it carefully in your house in a room where the lights are turned off and curtains closed at night allows you to achieve the same effect without requiring any additional equipment.

Remove withered, dying leaves by holding the leaf they are attached to and gently twisting and pulling the flower at its base.

Water when the leaves begin to droop and soften, watering thoroughly, but allowing the soil to drain properly. Don't allow the plant to sit in water or become waterlogged, as this can cause the roots to rot.