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Kalanchoe laetivirens

Also known as mother of thousands, mother of millions.

Genus: Kalanchoe
Species: laetivirens
Max. height: ~30cm
Light: full sun, bright, indirect sunlight
Water: ?
Ideal temperature range: 13-30°c
Growing season: summer
Flowering season: winter, spring
Life cycle: evergreen
Lifespan: ?
Leaf colours: green, grey, brown, purple
Flower colours: pink
Hardiness zone:
Conservation status:
Propagates via: offsets, stem cutting
Certifications: ?

One of the more famous of its genus, Kalanchoe laetivirens, commonly known as mother of thousands or mother of millions, is a winter-flowering succulent plant.

It is unusual not just for its appearance - long, thick leaves protruding from a single stem - but the way it reproduces, by growing offspring along the edges of its leaves. This gives the plant a unique appearance and enables it to produce many offspring - great for sharing with friends or keeping for yourself to grow even more plants.

Check the soil is dry to the touch before watering. Water thoroughly and allow the pot to drain, avoiding the leaves, as allowing water to remain on them can lead to diseases and rot, damaging or killing the plant. Don't let it stand in water, as this can cause root rot and kill the plant. Water with a weak, specialised feed during the growing and flowering seasons.

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