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Crassula ovata

Also known as jade plant, friendship tree, lucky plant, money plant, money tree.

A Crassula ovata in a pot A Crassula ovata in a pot [view in full size]
Genus: Crassula
Species: ovata
Max. height: ~30cm
Light: indirect sunlight, some shade
Water: ?
Ideal temperature range: 5-13°c
Growing season: summer
Flowering season: autumn, winter
Life cycle: ?
Lifespan: ?
Leaf colours: green
Flower colours: white, pink
Hardiness zone:
Conservation status:
Propagates via: leaf, stem cutting, seed
Certifications: ?


Prune dead leaves by pulling them off gently when they become loose, or just wait for them to fall off. C. ovata tends to drop leaves easily as they die off, so be sure to collect dead leaves from that have dropped onto the soil, as they can become a home for insects that may attack the plant, such as mealybugs. Re-pot in spring, if the plant has become root-bound.


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