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Privacy Policy

Who We Are is created by Jonathan Mason, and is further developed by Jonathan Mason and other contributors. Jonathan Mason is the legal representative of For any queries about this Privacy Policy, please get in touch via email at .

What We Collect and Receive


Providing you opt in to cookies and tracking, we collect and process certain information for statistical and analytical purposes, in order to further develop and improve This may include:

For more information on what data may be collected and processed, see here.

If you choose to opt in to cookies and tracking, cookies will be stored on your device in order to facilitiate said tracking. You may opt out of future cookies and tracking at any time by clicking the "Cookie Policy" button and clicking the "Decline" button in the resulting pop-up box.

Whether you opt in to cookies and tracking or not, some cookies may be retained by your browser for the duration of the browser session. If you have opted out, said cookies will not be retained, and will not be processed for any purpose except to ensure that you remain opted-out of any tracking.

Opting in to cookies and tracking is entirely optional and is not essential for making full use of


If you contact us via email, your email address, email metadata, message (and data within it), and other such data will be stored on our email server. This data is solely used in connection with answering any queries we receive.

Your Rights

You have the right to be informed of Personal Data processed by, a right to rectification/correction, erasure and restriction of processing. You also have the right to ask from us a structured, common and machine-readable format of Personal Data you provided to us. We can only identify you via your email address and we can only adhere to your request and provide information if we have Personal Data about you through you having made contact with us directly and/or you using our website. To exercise any of the rights mentioned in this Privacy Policy and/or in the event of questions or comments relating to the use of Personal Data, you may contact via email at: . In addition, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection authority in your jurisdiction.

Third-Party Services We Use

Recipient Purpose of processing Lawful basis Data location and security Personal data collected by the third party Privacy policy
InnoCraft Cloud To collect and analyse information about how you interact with our website (web analytics) Consent France Anonymised IP address, Pages visited, browser and device used, and more
Netlify To host the website and any associated files Legitimate interest USA IP address
Google Fonts To host font files Legitimate interest Various (Republic of Ireland if in EEA or Switzerland) See here
jsDelivr To host JavaScript and CSS files Legitimate interest Various Please refer to the jsDelivr CDN Privacy Policy
ProtonMail To facilitate email services Legitimate interest Switzerland IP address

Retention Of Data

When obtained through you sending us an email, we may retain your information indefinitely, or until you request that we remove it, in order to deal with your enquiry. When obtained through your use of the website, we will retain collected information for a period of up to 51 months and 20 days, for statistical and analytical purposes. We will also retain and use this information as necessary for the purposes set out in this Policy and to the extent necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, enforce our agreements and protect our legal rights.

We also collect and maintain aggregated, anonymised or pseudonymised information which we may retain indefinitely to protect the safety and security of our website, improve our website, or comply with legal obligations. This anonymised, aggregated data may be shared publicly (such as on the website and the GitLab project page) and/or with selected contributors (in public or in private, such as via email or direct messaging service), in part or in full, at any time. An example of such data would be a list of most popular Plant pages, ranked by number of unique visits, for the previous month, displaying the number of unique visits and the URL and title of the page.

Privacy Policy Changes

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we do, we’ll let you know about any material changes, by notifying you on this page. You can also view a full history of changes made to this Privacy Policy here.

Contact Us

You can contact us for any queries and enquiries via email at: .

About This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy has been adapted from Matomo's Privacy Policy, which can be found here, to suit the needs of this website. It is published under a Creative Commons BY 4.0 licence by Jonathan Mason.

It was last updated on the 24th of May, 2019.